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The 3DM content team works to shape the message and resourcing of this missional movement. From books to blogs, from webinars to workshops — our content always begins in a place of theology, but moves intentionally towards a framework for practice. This is usually the best place to first engage with 3DM.Look below to explore the various content you can buy or access for free.


3DM has written and produced many best-selling books — most notably what we call our “core content” — which includes a series of books that mirror the immersion experiences in the Learning Community process. These are meant to serve as a corollary to the LC experience — helping expand on the new paradigms for those who attend, and helping to get the ideas in the water for laity back home.

Covenant and Kingdom
Building a Discipling Culture
Multiplying Missional Leaders
Launching Missional Communities
Leading Kingdom Movements

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We’ve recently launched webinars throughout the month, allowing a wider audience to connect with subject matter experts on everything from women’s ministry to children’s ministry; and from “how to use the bible in the missional church” to “how to launch missional communities.” These webinars give participants a chance to hear from 3DM directors and ask questions live on the things they’re wrestling with.

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We develop teaching curriculum for adults and teenagers that includes teaching notes, videos, small group participant/leader guides, slides/backgrounds, posters and more. Our curriculum can be used for a range of ministry contexts, from Sunday morning series,’ to youth retreats, children’s services, Sunday school classes and more.

Check out our various teaching series themes by clicking here.

white papers

Every 6 months, the 3DM Content team releases a whitepaper about a topic we think is important to the future of the Church but might currently be under-represented in the air time it receives. A whitepaper, generally speaking, is a 5-7 page position paper that explores the nature of the problem at hand through giving the most pertinent research (as opposed to containing all the research) with a few possible solutions.

In addition, each whitepaper we produce will be accompanied by a provocative video introducing the nature of the problem.

Currently, we have done a whitepaper and video on Theological Education. It will be followed by one on Children’s Ministry.

Other possible topics in the future:

  • Women and the future of the church
  • The Church and financial sustainability
  • Community in a tech-savvy culture


learning communities

Learning Communities are the primary tool we use to help Church leaders put Discipleship and Mission at the center of everything they do.

To learn more about how Learning Communities work check out this video

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Our general experience is that people are quite intrigued to hear how we’ve used things like Huddles (a discipleship vehicle) and Missional Communities (a missional vehicle) to see discipleship and mission come alive in their church communities, looking more and more like the churches we see in the New Testament. These workshops are a time to look at some of the things we’ve learned in the past 30 years, dealing with post-Christian contexts where as little as 1% of people attend church. You’ll receive teaching, discussion, breakout time with your team, a chance to actually experience Huddles and Missional Communities, worship and, location specific, perhaps even time at the beach. We intentionally cap the attendance for workshops at 150 so you have a large amount of access to the 3DM team and whatever expertise/experience we can bring to the table.

If you’re interested in seeing some different approaches to discipleship and mission, these workshops are a great place to enter into that discussion for you and your team. To see upcoming workshop dates, or to learn more about workshops click here.

community of practice

Community of Practice is an annual gathering of learning community alumni. It’s a time of teaching and training, but it’s also a time for fellowship with other church leaders who are several years into this journey in their own church. At this point, we believe the learning is in the room — and participants are able to bring areas of significant learning and breakthrough in addition to investment from the central team.

what people are saying about communities

Alan Hirsch | Writer, missional thinker and activist
In all of the missional training I’ve seen (and I’ve seen a lot over the years), I have not seen discipleship and mission taken as seriously or as practically as I have in a Learning Community (LC), What 3DM offers is a tremendous wealth of experience, but also great ideas and a great way of delivering them.

Brandon Schaefer | Southland Christian Church | 15,000+ people
The reality is that without our two-year Learning Community we would have spent 40 years in the desert – wandering, trying to figure out Discipleship and Mission on our own. Thanks to the 3DM Learning Community we crossed the desert and made the transition in a few years rather than a few decades. Our Learning Community gave us the teaching, tools and strategies to implement our plans in accordance with God’s leading and with the confidence, accountability and support to make it all happen.

Ben Sternke | Christ Church Ft. Wayne | Church Plant
We always knew we wanted to plant a church centered on Discipleship and Mission, but until we joined a Learning Community, they were just words on our website. Now we are actually building a culture of discipleship and seeing mission take off from a grassroots level. 3DM’s 20+ years of wisdom and experience combined with an innovative and effective approach to learning have helped us feel like we have friends and mentors on the journey.

Scott Marshall | Trinity Church | Medium-sized church
Learning Communities gave us a reproducible model for planning that did two things: First, if helped us look honestly at where we were as a church. Second, it gave us real practical help (as opposed to nice theory) that is helping us move toward where we know God is already calling us.


We are often asked to send speakers to the various contexts ministry leaders serve in. The 3DM speaking team consists of experienced communicators and missional practitioners actively serving in their local context. They combine Biblical truth, cultural insights and personal experience to equip, inspire and empower Christian leaders and local congregations.

3DM speakers have been invited to communicate in a wide range of events and gatherings around the country including the following:

  • Conferences (Catalyst, Q, Exponential, VERGE, denominational events)
  • Leadership Consultations (staff gatherings, elder/board retreats, one-day events)
  • Spiritual Retreats (college, youth, men’s, women’s, or other group events)
  • Church Weekend services

Our team of speakers includes:

Mike Breen
Sally Breen
Jo Saxton
Dave Rhodes
Eric Pfeiffer

If you would like more information about booking a 3DM communicator, please click here


3DM Coaching is designed to help you develop the DNA for making disciples who make disciples, longterm, sustainable mission and building a movement. We do this by providing tools, practices, vehicles and skills that are simple, memorable, reproducible and scaleable.

what to expect

You and up to five other leaders will be part of a weekly one-hour conference call or video chat with a 3DM coach. In these calls you’ll have an opportunity to be immersed into the very culture and process for building a discipling culture and become increasingly familiar with the vehicle of Huddle. In addition, you’ll receive strategic insights and practical skills that equip you to empower and release your leaders into a missional lifestyle. Our coaches are experienced leaders who are proficient with the 3DM tools and vehicles and who have proven results in their own ministry context.

through 3DM coaching, you will:

  • Become a more effective disciple and learn how to build a discipling culture in any context.
  • Discover how to unpack the 3DM discipling toolkit.
  • Learn to disciple the way Jesus did.
  • Focus on personal and ministerial growth.
  • Experience healthy accountability and partnership with peers.
  • Gain tools and expertise that are simple, memorable, and reproducible for every context.

Who is this for?

3DM Coaching is for anyone in any context who desires to better imitate the life and leadership of Jesus. We also offer nuanced Coaching for the following types of leaders:

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3DM’s youth division, Wayfarer, hosts Wayfarer Camp each summer to springboard middle and high school students into lives of discipleship and mission.

Wayfarer Camp is a collision of UP, IN, and OUT.

up, in, and out

Wayfarer Camp is a collision of UP, IN, and OUT.

UP: At Wayfarer Camp, we experience God together in corporate worship, through teaching, and by responding to God in huddle groups. We also pause together by taking moments of reflection, soaking in God’s presence, and making decisions that change the way we live our lives going forward.IN: We enjoy recreation and fun during the day and hang out at the Afterparty each night as students celebrate life together.

OUT: We do a camp-wide service project as an intentional way of living out what we’re learning together.

For congregations looking to build a discipling culture within their their church, Wayfarer Camp is a powerful way to ensure teens are given the opportunity to experience that culture in a way that’s powerful, tangible and relevant.


Wayfarer is the arm of 3DM that focuses on reaching and resourcing youth and young adult ministries. Wayfarer seeks to awaken students to who Christ is and what Christ is doing — setting them on a path to discipleship which can carry them into adulthood.

We do this by creating curriculum, resources and events, Wayfarer Camp, the Wayfarer Blog, and by ministering at events like summer camps, retreats, Disciple Now weekends, and church-wide settings through speakers, worship leaders, and resources that can provide themes for these events.

If you would like more information on Wayfarer Camp, please click here

Download the Camp brochure here.


The principles and practices for discipleship and mission we teach are for everyone. They work in any context and with any audience imaginable. They’re being practiced across denomination and ministry contexts — by missionaries in Africa drawing LifeShapes in the sand, by executives in Silicon Valley training those they lead, and everything in between.

We’ve done these things long enough and often enough that we’ve developed specialties working with some specific audiences. To learn more about these specialized tools and events, click on the audiences below. And if you don’t see a group that you’re curious about, contact us.

youth/young adult > youth/young adult page

By merging with Wayfarer, 3DM added significant experience and expertise in ministering to young adults, college students, high school students and middle school students. Wayfarer designs collisions that awaken lives to rediscover Christ. These collisions include the Room 1228 curriculum and the summer Wayfarer Camp for students. Wayfarer also provides resources for leaders of students and young adults through various webinars and the Wayfarer Blog.

Wayfarer also has a team of speakers who bring the principles of discipleship and mission to students and young adults. If you would like to book a speaker for your camp, retreat, Disciple Now, or other setting, contact us here.

seminary students > seminary page

You can now can earn seminary credit by participating in a 3DM Learning Community.
To find out more go here: 3DM Seminary Page

children’s ministry

We will launch a new children’s curriculum later this year, along with a white paper on how to integrate discipleship and mission within children’s ministry. We’ll spell out more details in this space, along with a way for you to sample the new children’s curriculum. Check back for more info coming soon.

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business leaders > business page

3DM:Business offers a variety of environments and vehicles to help business leaders learn to hear and discern God’s voice and to apply Biblical principles to their business. We do this through specialized coaching for business leaders, business-leader tracks at learning communities, marketplace content, and strategic consulting.
To find out more go here: 3DM Business Page

women > women’s page

3DM provides a depth of resources aimed specifically to help women thrive no matter where they are. The concepts of discipleship and mission we teach about are for everyone, and women play a vital role in this movement. To help women, we offer resources that range from blogs (Sally’s blog) to books High Heels and Holiness by Jo Saxton and Sally Breen and More Than Enchanting by Jo Saxton to webinars to coaching huddles.