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Youth + the Movement

3DM is committed to resourcing youth and young adults, as well as their leaders, as part of the movement. We believe that building a discipling culture and multiplying missional leaders is not just possible for adults but also for students as well. In order to better do this, 3DM invited Wayfarer into its family to help create resources and events that reflect the vision and vocabulary of everything we have learned in our years of doing this.

Wayfarer + 3DM

Since 2000, Wayfarer has been a leader in designing intersections that awaken lives to rediscover Christ. Wayfarer has done this through its own resources and events, such as Room 1228 and Wayfarer Camp, as well as in conjunction with many other ministries with impact around the country.

In 2011, Wayfarer joined the 3DM team to continue its call to awaken and redefine discipleship and mission among youth and young adults. Now Wayfarer serves as a “brand” of 3DM and creates events and content that will empower leaders to build a discipling culture and multiply missional leaders among youth and young adults.


Wayfarer Camp is designed to be a three-dimensional experience for students.

  • UP: We experience God together in corporate worship, through teaching, and by responding to God in Huddle groups. We also pause together by taking moments of reflection, soaking in God’s presence, and making decisions that change the way we live our lives going forward.
  • IN: We enjoy recreation and fun during the day, enjoy learning together in tribe times, and hang out at the Afterparty each night as students celebrate life together.
  • OUT: We do a camp-wide service project as an intentional way of living out what we’re learning together.

Wayfarer Camp is also a great place for students and their leaders to learn the basics of LifeShapes and other core 3DM principles. Visit WayfarerCamp.com for more information and upcoming dates.

In November 2012, 3DM and Wayfarer will hold our first workshop designed especially for youth ministers. Click here for more information on this workshop and others offered by 3DM.


3DM and Wayfarer provide many teaching and training resources that help you disciple youth and young adults and lead them on mission.

Room 1228 is themed youth curriculum that includes guides for large-group teachers and small-group leaders, intro videos and other art pieces, and much more. As a result, any of the 20-plus Room 1228 themes can be customized and used in many different ways:

  • For special weekend events like retreats and Disciple Nows
  • For summer camps and similar week-long events
  • For large-group settings like Wednesday night meetings or all-age Sunday School gatherings
  • For smaller settings like individual Sunday School classes, general education classes, and in-home small groups
  • For groups that utilize both large- and small-group gatherings in the same time window

When you purchase a Room 1228 theme, you will have the chance to download a package specifically tailored to your setting, and the theme is yours to use as often as you wish in as many different settings as you wish.

The Wayfarer Blog features a collection of writers, including Dave Rhodes, Rich Atkinson, Chris Brooks, Jordanne Bonfield, David Walker, and more. All of the writers lead in missional contexts and will share insights and stories from the front that can help all of us continue to grow in discipleship and mission.

The Wayfarer Blog also points to illustrations, games, and resources that we use in our contexts and teaches you how to use them as well.


The 3DM and Wayfarer team regularly conducts webinars on topics such as leading a discipling movement among teens, launching missional communities among teens, and more. Click here for a list of upcoming 3DM webinars or here to check the archives for the topic you’re looking for.


Redefining Normal: An Open Invitation for Ordinary People Wanting to Become Extraordinary Disciples by Dave Rhodes

Targets: A Field Guide for Starting Missional Communities of Youth by Rich Atkinson (coming fall 2012)

Social Media

You can connect with Wayfarer, Room 1228 and Wayfarer Camp on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest

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Leaders ministering to youth and young adults in the movement can engage with 3DM Coaching in many ways. Our coaches can help you integrate discipleship and mission in your ministry context, and our coaching Huddles will put you in touch with other practitioners around the country. Through 3DM coaching, you will:

  • Become a more effective disciple and learn how to build a discipling culture in any context.
  • Discover how to unpack the 3DM discipling toolkit.
  • Learn to disciple the way Jesus did.
  • Focus on personal and ministerial growth.
  • Experience healthy accountability and partnership with peers.
  • Gain tools and expertise that are simple, memorable, and reproducible for every context.

If you’d like more information on 3DM Coaching, please click here.